Where are we now?

POST SINGULARITY is an interdisciplinary Institute with the aim to provide social concepts, tools, products, the arts and games for a hypothetical technological singularity as predicted by the trans-humanist religion.

Technological singularity is the moment when human intelligence is inferior to machine intelligence and human work will not be necessary to maintain economic wealth/provide food. This raises question on fundamental concepts of our industrialized societies. Some may even be rendered useless such as employment or gain of profit.

Meaningful and rewarding coexistence between women, man, animals and machines are the core interest of PSA

PSA will act as a catalyst for social experiments, demonstrations, products and research. It will both provide funding and support as a platform to commercial, social, artistic and scientific projects.

PSA will act as a mediator between entity groups in a neutral zone of interests.

Questions about our next events? Inquire and we love to help you out.